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Torn between Ni No Kuni or Oddworld : Abe’s Odyssey New N Tasty

Decisions, decisions…


will you still love me when i no longer ball so fuckin hard

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i-D Magazine Verano 2014

Sky Ferreira por Jai Odel. Estilismo por Britt McCamey.


i-D Magazine Summer 2014

Sky Ferreira by Jai Odel. Styling by Britt McCamey.

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when gas gets too expensive image

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Nintendo 64 catalogue.

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Brazilian model Alexandre Cunha was paired with a three-year-old moptop to showcase Smalto’s matching child-sized and adult tuxedos. Unfortunately, while the pressure of performing didn’t faze the buff Brazilian, his partner broke down in tears as they were striding the catwalk:

Once, I was supposed to close a show with a 3-year-old kid and we both had matching outfits. During rehearsal, everything went as planned, but on the day of the show he started crying halfway down the runway, so in my head I thought, “What am I supposed to do?!” I ended up picking him up and I carried him to the end of the runway.

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